About Marks

With the vision to provide our nation's young talents with an opportunity to showcase their talents, Abul Khair Group Set out on a mission to organize a competitive talent show for school level children across the nation.

Two Milestones, Endless inspiration for the road ahead

Marks Allrounder was organized in Chittagong back in 2008. The initial response and overwhelming enthusiasm from participants, guardians and schools made it possible for us to organize the event throughout the country again in 2009 & 2010. As a continuation of this effort to be by the side of our little stars, Marks Allrounder is back this year too.


Apart from the regular categories of Singing, Dancing, General Knowledge, Acting, Recitation, Art, Extempore speech, Candidates will also be judged on their overall intelligence, smartness, spontaneity & presentation skills.

Program Modality

Initial Round
7 Divisions (divided into 25 zones)
2 Categories (Primary, Secondary)
4 Rounds
- Selection Rounds (will select 2500 participants)
- Regional Round (will select 100 participants)
- National Round (will bring out 26 winners)
- Theater Round (will select 6 winners)

The 6 finalists from the Theater Round will participate in the Grand Finals.


Thank You !

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